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Generate your own random dj name

Are you a starting a DJ or live producer act? That’s awesome! Well time for a dj name to make you famous. Let’s go and generate your own unique stage name with this Random DJ Name Generator. Easy as a mouse click. Feel free to use the generated name, and if you don’t like it, click the “Generate another name!” to find another DJ name. There are tons of possibilities!

How is the generated random dj name made?

When you click the “generate another name” button, a script will be run. The script will first randomly choose a name combination like: “DJ + first name + last name” or “DJ + verb + noun”. Then the script will scroll through a list of name parts and finally it places the parts together. The page will show you the outcome of the script.

Unique random DJ name

Because of al the possibilities and the randomness, your generated dj stage name will probably be one of a kind! Ofcourse there will be a small chance the name is already in use by another dj. So check this first and use your unique producer name if you like. No strings attached. We would be honoured if you mention us though!

Club djs

Club DJs, or djs in general, play tracks at musical events, like parties at music venues or bars, festivals, and other kind of events. Usually, club DJs mix these tracks from two or more sources (cds or lps for example) using different kind of mixing techniques to produce a non-stop flow of music.


The main technique used for transitioning from one track to another is beatmixing. A good dj can hear if the track on his or her (check our female dj name generator) headphones is slower or faster than the one playing over the speakers. By adjusting the pitch slider of the audio-source the dj can make 2 tracks run at the same BPM (beats per minute).


Your favorite DJ?

What’s your favorite DJ? or Musical performer? Let us know in the comment section below!
If you’re curious about our musical taste, and wondering if it is any good, here’s a list of dj’s / acts we like! You be the judge.

Band name generators

We also have some band name generators for the people who are more into guitar music. We have a Metal band and a Punk band name creator available especially for you! Check the menu or the logo’s on the bottom of the page to see all the generators we created.

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