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What is a random rap name generator?

This rap / hiphop name generator is a page which activates a script by clicking on the “generate another name” button. The script will randomly choose a combination of words or parts of words, and shows the output directly on the page. There are thousands of possibilities, so the outcome is totally random, and probably fine to use as an rap artist name.

What is rap?

Rap is a style of music, in which the speaking way of using vocals is typical and the most important part of the genre. Most of the time, the vocals in rap music are accompanied by rhythmic samples and beats. Rap music is the main part of the Hiphop culture.

Rap music history and roots

Rap music has its roots in West-Africa. Before the whole hiphop culture or the existence of rap music, West African people were telling stories rhythmically, over (rythmic) instruments.
In the early eighties, the rap music genre slowly emerged in the New York district of The Bronx. Often there is a DJ who plays pieces of music from records with the help of two record players and carefully combines them into a new composition. A so-called master of ceremonies (the MC) keeps the audience occupied by rapping to it. It is here that the talkative singing style is first referred to as rap. If you want to get to know more about the rap artists and the hiphop history, the Netflix series “Hip-Hop Evolution” is a perfect documentary to watch!

Hip-Hop / Rap name generator
Hip-Hop / Rap culture

Favourite rap artists

Here you will find a list with our favourite rap / hiphop artists:

  • dr. Dre
  • Wu-tang clan – still the most bad-ass rap group of all time.
  • Kendrick Lamar – one of the best rappers of the last 10 years.
  • Ice-T – Very diverse musical artist. He’s also mentioned at our Metal page!
  • Ho99o9 – For if you can’t choose between rap and punk. Also check our Punk band name generator!
  • Busta Rhymes
  • Method Man
  • Deliquent Habits
  • The Game

Tell us in the comment section below about your favourite Hip-Hop artists or about the rap name you just generated!

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