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Generate your own random dj name

Are you a starting a DJ/producer act? Awesome! Well let's go and generate your own stage name with this Random DJ Name Generator. Easy as a mouse click. Feel free to use the generated name, and if you don't like it, click the "Generate More!" to find an other DJ name. There are tons of possibilities!

How is the generated name made?

When you click the "generate more" button, a script will be run. The script will first randomly choose a name combination like: "DJ + first name + last name" or "DJ + verb + noun". Then the script will scroll through a list of name parts and finally it places the parts together. The page will show you the outcome of the script.

Unique DJ names

Because of al the possibilities and the randomness, your generated dj stage name will probably be one of a kind! Ofcourse there will be a small chance the name is already in use by another dj. So check this first and use your unique producer name if you like. No strings attached. We would be honoured if you mention us though!

Our favorite musical performers?

If you're curious about our musical taste, and if it is any good, here's a list of dj's / acts we like! Be our judge.

  • The Chemical Brothers
  • Weval
  • Ratatat
  • Noisia
  • T Raumschmiere
  • Mr. Oizo
  • Fuck Buttons
  • Moderat
  • The Prodigy
  • Underworld

More populair name generators

If you're looking for a dance music stage name, you're good here. But we also have some other awesome name generators. It all started with the Random Techno Festival Name Generator, but one of our most popular pages is the Random Punnk Band Name Generator. More name generators will be found in the menu. Check out our site once in a while, because on a regular base we come up with something new! Feel free to drop this page on your social media.

I'm a female dj, now what?

Especially for the ladies, we created a Female DJ Name Generator! The outcome will be specific to female dj's and producers.