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The Railroad Guitars
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Welcome to Random Punk Name Generator

Welcome to the most awesome generator online!

How can I use this punk band name generator?

It doesn't matter if you are a punk, a vandal, an anarchist, a thief, a twat or just a nice fella (j/k). This generator is made for all you punk fans out there.

Are we free to use any band name generated by this site?

Of course you are! Do you have a band, but no name yet? Generate yourself a band name! But although the names are completely random generated, there is a chance you will generate a punk band name which is already claimed. So please Google your new band name first, or just fuck all rules like a real punk ;)

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Let us know what you think, or share your (Facebook)page with your new punk band name! You can mail us : randomtechnofestival@gmail.com or check our Facebook page